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Dissemination Action
Sunday, 01 March 2015
Dissemination Action
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The fourth WP of the project includes the development and implementation of the application of the final product / system.

The application will be developed in an environment Microsoft Visual Basic Professional for Windows and implemented technology ADO (ActiveX Data Object) and the SQL query language fourth generation.

The application will consist of three subsystems:

  • A subsystem of fuel parameters estimation in which the users will enter the stand parameters of a forest area and the application will calculate the fuel parameters by using the models developed during the third WP of the project.
  • The second module will calculate the parameters of fire behavior (crown fire probability of initiation, type of fire expected, etc.) employed the most reliable and well tested fire behavior prediction models, such as those identified in the first WP of the project.
  • Finally, the third module will allow the user to enter various fuel treatments and evaluate the effect they have on fire behavior.

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