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Dissemination Action
Sunday, 01 March 2015
Dissemination Action
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The second WP of the project aims at conducting the field fuel sampling to measure the fuel characteristics and parameters in representative stands of Aleppo and Calabrian pine forests in the country. To estimate the critical fuel characteristics (canopy and surface) affecting the initiation and spread of fires in forests of Aleppo and Calabrian pine, a total of 40 representative plots will be selected. In each of these plots, diameter at breast height diameter, the tree height, height to live crown and crown length will be measured. Also, canopy closure will be measured with a spherical densiometer (Spherical Densiometer) and hemispherical photographs. For each plot the basal area, the number of trees per hectare and other descriptive statistics will be calculated. The available canopy fuel load will be calculated by applying the regression equations of foliage and branches 0.0-0.6 cm, for each tree in each area based on diameter at breast height. The characteristics of the canopy fuel will be calculated using distribution models of biomass in Mediterranean conifers. For the understory, shrub height and cover will be estimated.

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