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Dissemination Action
Sunday, 01 March 2015
Dissemination Action
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 The proposed project innovation is based on the:

  1. Extensive and complete measurement of canopy and surface fuel characteristics (the whole fuel complex) of Aleppo and Calabrian pine will be conducted for the first time.
  2. Fire behavior simulation in Mediterranean coastal pine forests will be performed by using the most current and well-tested simulation models.
  3. Development of a user-friendly application for fire management decision making both in the office and in the field.

The proposed project will contribute to technological development:

  1. Measuring canopy and surface fuels of Aleppo and Calabrian pine stands would significantly improve the level of knowledge in a scientific issue (Mediterranean conifer fuels) that there has been little studied so far.
  2. The use of the proposed system for fire analysis of the effects that various fuel treatments cause on fire initiation and spread, enables the immediate use at operational and research level.
  3. The results of this research will contribute to the objective analysis of the fire phenomenon in Mediterranean coniferous forests using real data.
  4. The project will be linked with potential end-users of national and international institutions, organizations and companies.


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