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Dissemination Action
Sunday, 01 March 2015
Dissemination Action
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Deliverable Date
Work Package 1    
  D1.1 Literature review December-2014
  D1.2 Web site December-2014
Work Package 2    
  D2.1 Fuel sampling and inventory March-2015
Work Package 3    
  D3.1 Statistical analysis / Models development June-2015
Work Package 4    
  D4.1 Stand-alone application September-2015
  D4.2 User guide September-2015
Work Package 5    
  D5.1 End users list December-2014
  D5.2 Informative leaflet March-2015
  D5.3 End users seminar June-2015
  D5.4 Training material November-2015
  D5.5 End users workshop November-2015
  D5.6 Web site update November-2015
  D5.7 Presentation in an international conference November-2015
  D5.8 Submission of a scientific article in a peer reviewed journal November-2015


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